Dear friends,

We are honored and pleased to invite you to the Fourth Joint Congress of the Croatian Society for Infectious Diseases and the Croatian Society of Clinical Microbiology of the Croatian Medical Association CROCMID 2022 (13th Croatian Congress of Clinical Microbiology and 10th Croatian Congress on Infectious Diseases) with international participation to be held at Amadria Park Conference Center, Šibenik, Croatia, 20.-23. October 2022

This time also we will gather experts from Croatia and abroad to discuss numerous issues related to infectious diseases and their causes. The aim of CROCMID 2022 is to exchange experiences and knowledge in the field of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and to connect physicians of different specialties and professions . With a richly designed scientific program, plenary lectures, “meet the expert” and “pros and cons” sections and a series of interactive workshops, participants will receive a unique platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge. We believe that by networking and finding common interests for cooperation, we will progress faster and achieve better results in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

The already traditional friendly atmosphere will provide a great opportunity to socialize and exchange opinions and make new acquaintances, which we especially need after the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are looking forward to your arrival and we believe that you will feel comfortable in Šibenik.

President of Croatian Society for Clinical Microbiology
Prof. dr. sc. Jasmina Vraneš

President of Croatian Society for Infectious Diseases
Izv. prof. dr. sc. Marija Santini